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Designed for law firms valuing time and efficiency, ‘Your Legal Overhead’ puts complete control of your finances at your fingertips. Empower yourself as an owner or partner, make informed decisions, and lead your business to greater heights. 

Manage your expenses with ease, no accounting background needed. Try it today.


Easy to Use

Time Saving

Non-Accountant Friendly

Virginia P.

Client & Owner


As a seasoned attorney, I've always had to grapple with the intricate and often overwhelming intricacies of managing overhead costs at our firm. That was until we discovered Your Legal Overhead. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features have made what was once an uphill task, a seamless and manageable process.

John Font


“Easy to use. Saved me $12,500 a month within two months of using. Great for lawyers who want to run their business well. I’ve recommended it to all my practicing friends so far. 5/5 – worth every penny.”

Sarah Collins


“Our firm has been searching for a way to manage our overheads effectively without needing to delve into complex accounting, and YLO is our solution. This software is lawyer-friendly, proving its worth in every aspect of our operations.”

Matthew Bell


“Being a lawyer often means juggling multiple responsibilities, but YLO has brought immense clarity to our financial management. Its thoughtful, legal-centric design allows us to focus more on what we do best – practicing law.”

Your Free 14-day Trial.

See for yourself how easy Your Legal Overhead it is to use.

Your Legal Overhead Simplifies Everything.

Easy to Use.

Introducing ‘Your Legal Overhead’ – a cloud-based, secure solution transforming overhead management for legal professionals. 

No accounting degree? No problem. Watch our informative video to learn more about how our software can revolutionize your law practice’s financial operations.

Manage your Expenses.

Your Legal Overhead is powerful enough to allow you to quickly enter your company’s expense data, yet simple enough you can plugin your expenses or use our expense upload feature.

Use your Profit & Loss Report from your accounting software or our simple questionnaire form if you don’t have up to date data or don’t use accounting software.

Employee Costs.

After entering taxes you then start Entering Employees which is fast and easy. You can enter your employees individually or download our template and upload all of your employees with just a click. Once uploaded, maintaining and keeping current only takes seconds.

Break-Even Reporting

The Break-Even Report will display your numbers that make up your Exact Break_Even rate per hour. In the Summary report you can see your Break-Even numbers for each labor group you create. Use this number for every direct labor employee hour worked. This number will determine if you are charging the correct price for your billable hours.

& Much More Features.

Your firms’ bottom line deserves the attention you give to your practice everyday. If you’d like to learn more about how Your Legal Overhead works, sign up to join our free webinar below.

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